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established in 2018


Who We Are

It is often said that some of our most inspiring ideas stem from moments of desperation. For Hair Popp founder Dominique, her light-bulb moment began to materialise after a fateful encounter with a chemical relaxer that was so harsh, it completely destroyed her hair. In a bid to regrow her broken strands and restore her hair to the former glory of her youth, she subsequently boycotted her relationship with relaxer and decided to fully embrace and cater to her natural hair texture.

More on my journey

Embarking on a journey

of holistic health and evolution (of hair and self), Dominique soon felt frustrated by the lack of representation and knowledge from sellers on the high street. In her words: “There was something inside me that wanted to start a business to support my community.” And so a seed was planted and hair popp! was created.

Hair Popp is the connector, that enables people to have hair that looks great, is healthy and loved.

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Hair Popp features

what people say

Princess Keisha Omilana

My daughters’ hair is actually STILL shiny, moisturized, soft, detangled and frizz-free after three weeks!!

As for the products, I LOVE the entire line of Bourn Beautiful Naturals! It works AMAZING in Diora’s hair...


Flora & Curl branding is great

Flora & Curl branding is great, the packaging, the instructions, look, feel of the product...


Nylah super seeds oil is simply has quickly become my staple.

This oil is simply outstanding. Light and non-greasy with the most beautiful combination of oils and a lovely delicate...

C Brown

I didn't know about Nylah until Hair Popp

I use the Nylah Wash Day Kit. I like the consistency of the shampoo. The consistency of the conditioner, it smells good. I really do like...


Lovely scent, good density & keeps my hair hydrated.

I’ve been using this product for the last 4 months and it’s great for my type of hair. Lovely scent, ...

Nikki Tapper

Introduced to Nylah Naturals at the Hair Popp and never looked back.

Introduced to Nylah Naturals by Dominique at the launch of Hair Popp. I was also pleased to be able to meet...



Products that give you the best hair roducts for YOUR hair type.
‘Because who doesn’t want their hair to be poppin’?!


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