The aim of the guidance is to improve the transparency of how public funds are used and covers all public bodies, including NHS Trusts, local councils and government departments.

This transparency across operations will help to enable public bodies to be held to account.

In accordance with these guidelines, here is a brief overview of how the single spend documents are structured:

  • Department family – This is needed to identify spend to each departmental area.
  • Entity – This is the name of the individual entity, to allow for the identification of the data for each entity.
  • Date – When the transaction took place.
  • Expense type – The general nature of the expenditure being recorded e.g. consultancy spend.
  • Expense area – This is the part of our entity that has spent the money.
  • Supplier – The name of the supplier as per our vendor record. Each individual transaction
    must be shown separately. The supplier name is shown in full.
  • Transaction number – This is the system transaction number for the payment held by the individual department.
  • Amount in sterling – The amount disclosed is the amount recorded on the finance system for each individual transaction.
  • Supplier VAT registration number – Where this information is readily available, the VAT registration number of each supplier is shown.

SECAmb's single monthly spends over £25,000 from November 2019 are below. Monthly reports from previous months will be added shortly.

For most recent reports, see below: