During 2016/17, the Trust worked with its staff, patient representatives and partners to develop its Unified Recovery Plan, which set out the recovery trajectory for the Trust following the outcome of our May 2016 Care Quality Commission inspection and subsequent inadequate rating.

Our Five-Year Strategic Plan, developed after several months of consultation, builds on this work, recognising the areas in which further improvement and consolidation is necessary to ensure sustainable change.

It recognises that there is on-going work across the organisation in developing plans for our future and that further work is needed to revise the Trust values and to set out further detail of our clinical model and enablers.

Recognising these gaps, and setting out plans to address these within the delivery plan over the next two years, this documents sets out our vision and goals for the next five years and our objectives for the next two years.

As an organisation we must continue to learn from feedback from our staff, our volunteers and our patients and embed organisation wide change as a result of this learning. Our simple mission embodies this approach.

Strategic Plan

To achieve this mission, the strategic plan for the next five years is focussed on delivery of our four strategic themes:

  • Our people – supporting and developing our staff and volunteers
  • Our patients – ensuring timely quality care, in the right place by the right people
  • Our enablers – fit for purpose technology, fleet and estates, underpinned by sustainable financial performance
  • Our partners – working with health, blue light and education partners

Our Strategies